Parents' Association

For every parent and carer of every Willy Kid – Become a member of the WPS Parents Association


The role of the Williamstown Primary School Parents’ Association is threefold:

  • to provide support, in various forms, for the school, its students and community, including raising funds for the benefit of the school
  • to work in cooperation with the principal, staff and school council in building effective partnerships between home and school
  • to encourage diversity by getting to know the parents of other children at the school, and to support the operation of the school.

Our new Parents’ Association adopts a formalized constitution, and it requires a ratified membership base. We trust all of our dedicated Willy families, will continue to be involved and engaged in our school by taking up a formal membership in the Williamstown Primary School Parent’s Association.


Membership doesn’t mean that you have signed up to attend every meeting or participate at every forum or fundraiser, but it does mean that you can! Being a registered member of the WPSPA is critical because Parents’ Association business can only be voted on by these registered members. We strongly encourage all parents/carers to register as a W.P.S. Parents’ Association member.


Members and office bearers should be from all walks of life, not just a few. We want our Parents’ Association to reflect the wonderful diversity of our Willy families, so be sure to join and be part of your child’s education and the school community. We are stronger together.


Parents’ Association Constitution

Parents’ Association Registration Form